Cover Art: @krousky

When The Lights Go Down

„When The Lights Go Down“ was created at the beginning of 2020, a point in time that changed the lives of all of us. Florian finally had a lot of time to devote himself purely to the musical work. Peace and quiet are two main elements of the song. It also manifests the musical direction already taken in 2019 – wide synth pads, colossal drums and seemingly melancholy vocals should bring the listener closer to the many emotional sides of a musician during the Corona Lockdown.

The live video was created in March 2021 in the Goldwatch Studios Berlin.

Release Date: August 13th, 2021
Label: Rabotat Records
Artwork: Krousky Peutebatre-pictures

Interviews and Reviews: WICKED STYLE, Como las Grecas, Raven Musik, CONNECT, CHROMATIC CLUB, WHO Music Magazine


The live video was created in March 2021 in the Famous Goldwatch Studios in Berlin.
Video by Jara Lopez and Amnon (Nono) Bikovsky
Mixed by Pier Ciaccio