Levantine – Interdimensional Love Triangle

After introducing himself in our last compilation RETROFUTUR, Levantine deploys his first EP for the owl.

„Interdimensional Love Triangle“ is a powerful cosmic italo track with a tense acid touch. In the distance stretches a melancholy melody.

In the same vein as the eponymous track, „Fever“ is definitively badass ! Percussive rhythm, cosmic melody and poignant synth are the main ingredients of this dancefloor track.

„Ecstasy & Desperation“ is a slightly more sensitive title but still very danceable. The bass and synth match perfectly. The atmosphere is highlighted with a spatial melody and some carrying pads.

Our favorite Berlin-based Austrian My Secret Playground is back. Once again delivering a sensational remix, he perfectly mixes his Disco origins and electronic music, while respecting Levantine’s original music. Cosmic and lyrical !

To close the release, welcome to the talentuous David Garcet. The Belgian born artist gives a nostalgic and futuristic breaky reinterpretation of „Ecstasy & Desperation“. Dark, captivating, fiery !

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mixing by Endrik Schroeder (for original tracks)
mastering by Klimax
Cover by Dynamic Lines