RetroFutur Compilation – Melopee Records

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Our first (and most important ever released) compilation RETRO FUTUR is here ! This one is really special forthe owl…It’s about retrofuturistic music…A cosmic and refined mix between modern and retro music.Sometimes energic, sometimes melodic, sometimes both…You will meet again regular artists but it’s also the best time for us to highlight a flourishing,talented indie scene, whose music is impressive, surprising, unifying.23 music… 25 artists… to perfectly represent the futuristic vision of the owl, where each artist isinspired, with his sensitivity, by Italo, Disco, EBM, Dance, Rave…. to finally bringa new breath to electronic music.

Track list:01. Atmoss-You Like The Sun 02.Bizzarro Universe-Kosmos 03. Dj Wedding-Dance Of The Lonely Shepherd 04. 05. Endrik Schroeder-Never Return To Earth 06. Jakob Mäder-Fits You Well 07. LA MANO-Loris 08. Mala Ika-Rechts Und Links 09. Marcus Christiansen-Starfalls 10. Minimarket-Be Right 11. Miss Zagato-As Succint As A Robot (Myrddin Rework) 12. Moo Moonster & Freudenthal-Remembrance Dance 13. My Secret Playground-Too good to be true 14. Nouveau Futur-Amour éphémère 15. Ozur Crystal-One Take 16. Panthera-Sexotel 17. Patricio Diaz-Keep It Strong 18. Plexi Glass-Krystal Runner 19. Pumuki-Dear Debora 20. RotorMotor-Misli 21. Val-Air-5th Floor Synthjam 22. Vibe Impact-Pronto 23. Vuta-Outsider