Ripley at the Roller Disco

„Between Disco and Techno, between poetry and madness, between strangeness and concreteness, rises the music of My Secret Playground.
He delivers on the imprint, always with precision and perfection, two original tracks made for dancing.

“Ich Geh Nicht Mit Dir” is a stunning, intoxicating title, which could lead the crowd to a certain alienation. The metronomic groove of the song is carried by swirling vocals and pads, an almost horrifying atmosphere of a manhunt !

The second original piece “Running through Fiction” is definitively a pure dancefloor track ! The manhunt goes to the next level, danger is everywhere and the only way out is certainly the dancefloor ! The dance steps follow one after the other, the sneakers smoke, the bodies sweat, welcome in the secret playground !

Welcome to the talented Jason Core on the imprint. The spanish producer gives to the eponym track a more Italo way, giving extra energy. And when the acid wave breaks, it’s crazy !

To close the wonderful release, Jakob Mäder is back with a pretty housy remix of the second original track. And when the piano is added to the rhythm, a king of melancholy accompanies the hearts. Or maybe it’s joy ?“

Label: Melopee Records MRI026
Cover: Philippe Divet
Release Date: Nov 8th, 2023