My Secret Session (hosted by My Secret Playground)

More than 100 Artists have joined the session so far and there is no end in sight! :::From Deep House to Electro Swing::: :::Residences in Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover::: hosted by My Secret Playground and Florian Herzberg About: Standing at the unlikely intersection of electronic music and jam bands is Berlin ´s My Secret Session. A mixed group of DJs and Musicians from all around the world enlive their audiences with a style that is equal parts Deep House, Tech House and Electro Swing. The Session Line-Up can include various instruments such as drums, bass, vocals, brasses or sitar. „Through each member’s unique contribution we recreate the energy of electronic music in an unrepeatable live performance,“ explained founder Florian Herzberg. „We add human elements by playing live instruments, improvising 95 percent of the sets.“ The goal is to bring live instrumentation to the DJ and dance culture.