Whipped Cream

Let us not worry about the morning, but instead go towards it with pleasure! Be restless, fabulous, and excited. Tonight, you are like us in this place!

I present my philosophy of lust in the soirée „Whipped Cream“ at a special location within the city.

Yesterday we wore black – now, we should be colorful, bright and extravagant! Become one with your alter ego and project yourself into a bizarre, exuberant world. Here, time stands still, and we celebrate the feminine power and vitality of the neon era.

My Cream Team awaits to tempt you – The handpicked Cream List ensures the proper diversity and excitement among the party people.

Joyclub: https://bit.ly/3oj7zUy

Filmed by Michael Demmel

Post Production and Music: Florian Herzberg (My Secret Playground)

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