New DJ Mix for Terra

My Secret Playground is back with a new look in 2020! With a mixture of playful and contemporary elements, this project has never been heard of before in the neon era.

Inspired by artists like Damon Jee, Curses, Terr and Darlyn Vlys, Florian (aka My Secret Playground) has gone back to his 80s roots with ‘Innerspace’. The Mix features the remix „Una Moneda Para Ti“ by ITALO BRUTALO. It’s a part of My Secret Playgrounds new Single, released May 21st on Music for Clubs. Funky indie dance beats paired with Latino and male stereo types. The story of the track pays homage to the 80s and the music video shows how well Florian pays his musicians 😉

Track list
Polo & Pan – Mexicali (Simple Symmetry Remix)
Tulioxi – I’m used to music
Dorothys Fortress – Lucha Libre
Armonics – Cyber Space (Franz Scala Remix)
Sara Zinger – Pearl (No_Ip Remix)
Peter Invasion, Gregor Habicht – Bowery 559 (Each Other Remix)
Loni – Boys & Girls (SNYL Remix)
Leonor – That Moment (Damon Jee Remix)
DID VIRGO – Perpetual Motion
Venice Arms – The Future Is Waiting (Curses Remix)
Mala Ika – Störung
Myrddin – The Revenge (Original Mix)
Thousand Fingers – Ten Of Cups
RENATO COHEN – Funkydoom
Rafael Cerato – Bumble Bee
My Secret Playground – Una Moneda Para Ti (Italo Brutalo Remix)
Sporting Club – Broko
Blaktone – Dirty Ana
Cyence – Pulsate (Theus Mago Remix)

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